Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Green Trousers

Shirt- Topman

Skull Tie- Topman

Trousers- Express

These are the green trousers I mentioned in the previous post which I got for $8. Love the shade of pastel green and I think the white makes it stand out. 


Yellow Trousers

Shirt- Cotton on

Trousers- Express

Brighten up your summer with colour. I got these trousers along with two other colours that you will see soon for a total of $20. $4 for these $8 for a green pair, and $8 for an orange pair. It goes to show you can look smart without paying silly amounts. 
Now bright trousers are hard to match with and normally black or white is most appropriate, but I went for the Navy floral shirt and felt it complimented the yellow quite well. 


Leather Handheld- Ted Baker

Bracelet- Max & Chloe

Belt- Zara


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer time

Hat- Zara

Vest- Cotton on

Jean Shirt- H&M

Bag- Ted Baker

Summer is here and time to bring out your hats and short shorts. I wanted to keep the outfit cool and chilled, hang up the suit for the day and get some sun on my legs. 
Photographed t-shirts and still in fashion and I love the photo on this which has a slight urban feel to it. The hat was a great find on sale at zara and perfect for the summer. 

Sunglasses- Mark Jacobs


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Blazer-Thrift store



This outfit goes to show you don't need money to look good. This double-breasted blazer is my first thrift item and trust me it wont be my last. It cost me $6 and looks like one of my most expensive outfits. Don't be so addicted to name brands and worry more on what you like, what attracts you and what fits you well. 

Pocket square also thrift item as well as the collar pin- $1 each

Watch on the other hand was not from a thrift store haha- Hublot


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ted Baker Double Breasted

Blazer- Ted Baker

Shirt- Cotton on

Shoes- Gucci

Sunglasses- Quicksilver

Double breasted blazers are my favorite and feel that they give a more sophisticated look then regular blazers and when you find one your size it fits like a glove. This blazer I found in my favorite store Ted baker and was on sale from around $900 to $112 couldn't say no :) Once I had tried one double breasted before I am always on the look out and instead of a white shirt I opted for the baby blue and felt like it complimented the blazer quite well.

Finished it off with a cool Ted Baker collar pin. 

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