Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fashion Forward Season 3

Ok so one of my favorite times in Dubai, the time Fashion Forward roles back around.

The amazing 3 days of non stop fashion, involving designers, models, bloggers, fashionistas, media and celebs. I arrived back in Dubai the night of day 2 of Fashion Forward, poor timing but managed to catch all the art work of day 3.

Here is what I wore to attend.

Blazer- Splash Fashion

Trousers- Express

Shoes- Cole Haan

Tie- Ted baker

Also styled my friend who was with me, wearing:

Blazer- Ted Baker

Trousers- H&M

Shoes- Zara

The designs were beautifully made, very angel like using light spring pastel colours.

Sad I missed the mens sections, but loved every minute of day 3. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

Burgundy Wingtips

Shoes- Traffic

Ok so finally got round to posting more information about these shoes, as I received positive feedback from people, and wanted to help people also be able to purchase these.

The shoes were very cheap, I think I picked them up for $30 from a store called Traffic in sawgrass Florida, the store Traffic maybe being only florida based only I am not sure (could be wrong).

I can not find the link for the burgundy/red color maybe it was a sale item, but have found 2 other colors of the same shoe on this link:

The Ashfield- Green and The Ashfield- Brown

Here is an email you can contact about the burgundy color, perhaps save the above photo and attach it in the email asking if they have more of these in stock

I was not expecting such positive feedback from so many people, so I am sorry for the confusion of the scarosso shoe, the scarosso shoe is the shoes I have been searching and searching for, which Is what these shoes are inspired by.

Sorry for any confusion.

Here is the Scarosso shoes:

(expensive mind)


Friday, April 4, 2014

Feeling Blue

Blazer- Zara

Bow Tie- Zara

Jeans- River Island

Shoes- Splash Fashion

Ok so I know that black and blue is not really the best colours to mix and I do it rarely on occasions, but fell in love with these wingtips and got them for an absolute steal. 10dhs in Dubai which equals to about $3 so I bought 2 pairs one to keep fresh and not wear ;) 

So after purchasing the shoes, I wanted to continue the colourway with my whole outfit. I have had this navy blue bow tie from zara for a while and thought this was the perfect outfit to bring it out. 

Dont be afraid to mix match colours and venture out from the fashion norms.

Closer look at the Details:

Watch- Michael Kors

Bracelets- Aldo

Lapel pin- Zara

Closer look at the Shoes:

Splash Fashion Outlets

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