Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fashion Forward Season 3

Ok so one of my favorite times in Dubai, the time Fashion Forward roles back around.

The amazing 3 days of non stop fashion, involving designers, models, bloggers, fashionistas, media and celebs. I arrived back in Dubai the night of day 2 of Fashion Forward, poor timing but managed to catch all the art work of day 3.

Here is what I wore to attend.

Blazer- Splash Fashion

Trousers- Express

Shoes- Cole Haan

Tie- Ted baker

Also styled my friend who was with me, wearing:

Blazer- Ted Baker

Trousers- H&M

Shoes- Zara

The designs were beautifully made, very angel like using light spring pastel colours.

Sad I missed the mens sections, but loved every minute of day 3. 

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