Thursday, May 15, 2014


Blazer- Splash

Shirt- Zara

Jeans- Drake Skinny

Shoes- Zara

After doing my weekly reading or call it researching in my fav fashion mags, I noticed a lot of articles were promoting seersucker as this spring/summer hotlist.
I realized I've had one sitting in my closet barely touched for over a year. So was highly excited to bring it out and spread the word of the seersucker. 

Seersucker define: "a lightweight fabric with a crimped or puckered surface"

Perfect material for the heat of Dubai.

Matched the seersucker with these dark skinnys, and a pair of some of the most comfortable shoes I own, these single strap loafers from Zara.

Pocket Square- Andrew's Ties

Sunglasses- Ray Ban Clubmaster
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