Thursday, November 20, 2014

Movember for Esquire

So as Movember is gradually coming to an end I hope all you men out there have been growing the old caterpillar. 

Movember is all fun and a laugh for those that do not regularly sport the Tash, but it does have a serious meaning behind it. Movember is done to raise awareness for prostate cancer in men, in fact raise awareness in mens health in general. Us guys in particular are prone to be quiet when it comes to health, and either we won't go to the doctors to get regular checks or if we do we won't talk about it with anyone. 

Well bro's grow your mo and spread the word, and help raise money for this serious matter.

Here is a shoot I done which was released in the most recent copy of Esquire Middle East. Hope you like it.

When the shoot was done, I had a black eye which was removed for the magazine, here is the original photos. 

A showcase of the photos were previewed at an event held by @Theqode at Iris Dubai in Oberio hotel. 

Here is me alongside my fellow tashes and the guys from @Theqode 

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