Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inside Rolls-Royce Dubai

Inside Rolls-Royce is their very first interactive exhibition and was a true celebration of the exquisite materials, the unveiling technology and the supreme craftsmanship that go into making "the best motor car in the world"

The wood that goes into the interior can be completely personalised and the designs and wood collections are endless.

The same endless opportunities for colour are also available. Rolls-Royce have created a system where they can match any colour desired and have a range of over 40,000 available for choice. Colours can relate to a favourite object or item of yours, and as this pic below shows you can match the colour with a yellow rubber duck, a pair of marbles or even your favourite colour lipstick,

Here I am stepping out of this stunning Rolls-Royce Wraith;

This Exhibition was exclusively held on Friday March 20th at THE BEACH Dubai

There is also a Rolls-Royce app that can be downloaded and has been designed to accompany these exhibitions.

For more info check out www.insiderolls-royce.com

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kaizer Leather!

Cavalry Overnighter

Kaizer today has evolved as a global lifestyle brand with its premium collection of handcrafted Italian leather accessories and German writing instruments. Kaizer was founded on the fundamental premise of offering our patrons products or unsurpassed quality, handmade by craftsman with a family history of craftsmanship, spanning across three generations.

Collaborated with Paul Ramos from TheStyleChoreo.blogspot.com

Paul (@itsmepaulramos) is rocking the Infinity Business Bag.

Every Kaizer product is as much a beautiful piece of craftmanship, as it is an exquisite statement of taste. Even when bearing a high functionality quotient, the Kaizer collection incorporates the latest style trends and targets an untapped niche in the premium value retail segment. 


Monday, March 9, 2015

Ted Baker SS15

Ted Baker Spring Summer 2015 is now available and man does it not disappoint.

I had the opportunity to me given by Sticky Ginger pr company to go and choose to outfits out of the new collection (very difficult to only select two) here are the outfits I selected:

First outfit was this marvellous 3-piece checkered blue and green suit, I put it together with this crisp white shirt and pink and white striped tie.


Suit Jacket: AED 2075 $564
Suit Waistcoat: AED 725 $197
Suit Trousers: AED785 $213
Shirt: AED 725 $197
Shoes: AED 725 $197
Bag: AED 1295 $350
Tie: AED 335 $90

The Second outfit I chose was this Cream and Grey 3-piece suit and went tieless with this purple floral shirt and stunning floral shoes.


Suit Jacket: AED 2190 $596
Suit Waistcoat: AED 725 $197
Suit Trousers: AED 785 $213
Shirt: AED 575 $156
Shoes: AED 895 $243


Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Style Choreo!!

When it comes to Fashion everyone is unique, luckily enough one of the only other male bloggers here in Dubai has a lot in common with the style I myself admire. 

Meet Paul Ramos of thestylechoreo.blogspot.com if you haven't already. Me and Paul frequently bump into one another at events, and thought it was about time we collaborated posts.

Check out the results;

What's funny is that me and Paul had no idea what each of us would be wearing, yet the outfits compliment each other so well.

Myself: Blazer (New Look),
        Pants (ICONIC),

   Shirt (ZARA), 

Tie (H&M),

                      Shoes (Angelo Galasso), 

    Bag (Splash), 

                  Eyewear (Pull & Bear), 

                                Tie bar & Lapel Pin (VINTAGE), 

                            Cufflinks ( Burton Menswear)
 Paul: Suit & Shirt (H&M), 

                              Tie & Tie bar (Chanman Shop), 

                      Pocket square (SSquare), 

   Shoes (Zara), 

          Eyewear (Splash),

    Bag (KAIZER)

Photography by Mark Ross @imarkross

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