Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inside Rolls-Royce Dubai

Inside Rolls-Royce is their very first interactive exhibition and was a true celebration of the exquisite materials, the unveiling technology and the supreme craftsmanship that go into making "the best motor car in the world"

The wood that goes into the interior can be completely personalised and the designs and wood collections are endless.

The same endless opportunities for colour are also available. Rolls-Royce have created a system where they can match any colour desired and have a range of over 40,000 available for choice. Colours can relate to a favourite object or item of yours, and as this pic below shows you can match the colour with a yellow rubber duck, a pair of marbles or even your favourite colour lipstick,

Here I am stepping out of this stunning Rolls-Royce Wraith;

This Exhibition was exclusively held on Friday March 20th at THE BEACH Dubai

There is also a Rolls-Royce app that can be downloaded and has been designed to accompany these exhibitions.

For more info check out www.insiderolls-royce.com
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