Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zilli Fall/Winter Collection 2015-16

A French family business founded in 1965, Zilli has made a name for itself in the men's fashion industry by asserting itself as a forerunner in the invention of luxury leather jackets. Zilli has been a benchmark in the industry for more than forty years now.

Selling a full range of masculine clothing and accessories, Jackets, leather goods, suits, shirts, ties, knitwear, jeans, shows, jewellery, glasses and fur.

I was pleased to attend Zilli's event in their store in Dubai mall, where they showed off a fabulous new collection of clothes, and here they are for you to see:

I'll start with my favourite. This is what they referred to as their 'Masterpiece' and do you blame them?

All I could invision was wearing this in New York or London during Fashion week. Matching your jacket colour to your suit is definitely something that everyone is attempting at the moment. It shows a sense of class and unity and it one of my favourite looks.

Again here they are showing the overcoat with a hood, which was something I originally was not a fan of but is definitely starting to grow on me.

Here are the Dapper Dudes in their final outfits:

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