Friday, May 8, 2015

BOGGI Milano

Since 1939 Boggi Milano plans and designs contemporary men's fashion, taking care of every single aspect, from production to distribution, in order to offer and spread its own style and quality.

I got to go and check out the newest collection at the store in Dubai Mall. The suits are made from beautiful material, purely dedicated to Boggi products only. It has the classic Italian style that everyone looks for in a well fitting suit.

BOGGI's excellent use of colour shows amazing style and also a sense of bravery, they do not stick to the darker colours and like to take some risks which is what I believe fashion should be all about.
I love the mix match of these two outfits and just gets perfectly completed with these man bags.

Constantly developing internationally, Boggi Milano evolves at the same time the completeness of its services, from reception to providing its expert advice, advising every client for his best, and professionally addressing him, aiming at satisfying every image concern he may have. 

I got to try on this amazing double breasted blazer in the store.

Check out more of their products at 

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