Sunday, July 12, 2015

Men's Summer 2015 Essentials

Summer Essentials:

1. Go somewhere with a beautiful ocean, I mean whats a summer without breathing in that ocean air.

2. Make sure you are looking stylish in an awesome pair of sunglasses, my top eyewear pics are:
Ray Ban

3. Have a good book to read, especially if you are planning on doing a bunch of travelling makes you cultured and ends up being a great conversation starter.

4. BACKPACK, I am a sucker for a backpack and to keep you from having huge uncomfortable bulges in your tight shorts, shove everything in the backpack, the masculine way of having a handbag ha.

5. Leather Sandals, don't get me wrong I love a pair of Havianas but just to class things up a bit for a dinner occasion and can also be worn with a linen suit creating a classy summer look.

6. Headphones, a good pair of headphones is essential, not just for summer but for all cases. Hate plane headphones and also great if you are planning on doing some traveling by any means of transport.

Email me what your top essentials are for this summer to would love to hear about them all :)

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