Saturday, August 22, 2015

Paul Evans NY

Talk about an eye catcher ay?

These Paul Evans Oxford blood Stewart Penny Loafers are a stunning piece of footwear, and along with looks they are extremely comfortable.
I had these on for a mere 20 minutes walking around the mall here in Dubai and all I could see were people staring at the shoes, I felt like saying "Hey...I'm up here" ha.

I've always stated that it's very important to own good shoes, and believe it or not a lot of people make shoe contact before eye contact...or is that just me?

Paul Evans is a New York based company, but once the shoes have been designed they are sent to Naples, Italy to be constructed.

Paul Evans have a wide selection of shoes to chose from and I opted for these Penny loafers because the colour is something I rarely see and find that they really stand out. 

To check out more of their collection visit or check out their products on their instagram at @paulevansny

The Stewart Penny Loafer- $349.00

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