Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Home visit to England!

Beanie- Topman
Jacket- H&M

After living in Dubai for the past few years, any time I get to throw on some layers I'm more than happy.
I wanted nothing more than grey miserable weather the time I had back in England, and with no surprise that is exactly what I got ha.

I flew from Dubai to Newcastle (Seen in pic below) where my family are from. Spent 4 days there in the north of England before heading down by train to spend the remainder of my trip in London.

This was the first time back home in about 7 months and was great to go back to the cold, great food and home comforts that everyone receives when travelling home.

Surprisingly once in London, it was rarely colder than up north and was -2 C walking the streets. 
So my first purchase had to be this blanket of a scarf lol.

Scarf- Topshop (Don't judge)

Shoes- Puma STAMPD

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