Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Men!

Now if you ladies are struggling to find gifts for the men in your life because when you ask them what they want they mumble 'I don't know', then here is a little help for you. 

#1- Molton Brown.
Anything from Molton Brown is a winner, its my all time favourite soap, and they do these great gift boxes. Go into one of the stores and chose from many different scents.

#2- Organic Beard Co. & Gentleman's Tonic
Nearly every bloke has some kind of beard these days whether its bushy patchy or full on ZZ Top, so get him something to look after it. 
I was lucky enough to receive this from the guys over at Chaps & Co the best barbers here in Dubai. 

# 3- Clarks Original Desert Boots
If you are trying to get your man some shoes, go and check all his shoe sizes and make sure he's roughly the same size for all types of shoes he may have as sizes vary with some, and go and get him a pair of desert boots that never go out of style.

#4- Smart Watch
Ever since Apple announced the release of the Apple watch, nearly all phone companies have created a smart watch, they are all different with different features, but they are all pretty cool which your bloke will love if you are willing to spend a bit. Here is the Huawei Watch & Apple Watch.

#5- Davidoff Agar Blend
Very manly long lasting scent.

#6- Vascular Wear
Everyguy likes to work out or likes to think they work out, and if they do neither then at least Vascular wear is extremely comfortable to be lazy in, plus their bags are great for everything. Shop online at

#7- Daniel Wellington Watch.
If you have instagram then I am sure you have seen someone posting a pic with a Daniel Wellington watch. With it being so hugely popular on social media, yet hard to find, check out their website use the #AndyScottFashion on your purchase and receive 15% discount.

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