Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Le Royal Mansour Marrakesh, Morroco

Le Royal Mansour Marrakesh, Morocco

Wow.....Thats all I feel like writing over and over again. 

Le Royal Mansour is hands down the most amazing and stunning place I've ever had the pleasure of staying at. Every single bit of detail was crafted so elegantly and the whole vibe and ora of the place is simply breath taking.

With it being my first time in Morroco, it has left the best memories of the place in my head and I have already recommended not only Morocco but Le Royal Mansour over a 1000 times to people I have spoken to since I left.

Each one of us (Mehdi, Elias & Myself) were given our own private 3 story Riad, which is difficult to capture in a photo so the picture above is the picture of me sitting on top of my own private rooftop, looking down to try and give you an idea at the sheer size of the place. 

Of course it only made sense for me to dress up in the local attire to fit in ha, comfort level 100 and the staff in the hotel seemed to enjoy my attempt :) 

Talking of staff, this hotel's level of service was out of this world. Living in Dubai, a city where the service is constantly above average, Le Royal Mansour took it to a whole different level of excellence which very much impressed me.

A glimpse of my own private rooftop and pool above, and below the stunning main pool of the hotel.

I left Morocco at least a few pounds heavier, after eating such amazing food. 
Le Royal Mansour is home to Michelin star chefs, and we were all constantly excited until it was time for the next meal. 




These pictures is only a small snippet of the food as the most of the time I was too excited to stop and take a picture.

Overall, speaking on behalf of the three of us, (Medhi Mabrook of Etiquette Arabia, Elias El-Indari of SMF blog and myself) we had the absolute time of our lives and couldn't of asked for a better stay, a better trip and an all round experience of Le Royal Mansour and Morroco. 

Merci, Shukran & Thank you :)

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