Thursday, August 23, 2018

American Rag Cie ------> Dubai

American Rag Cie Dxb

Recently I was one of the lucky few influencers to team up with American Rag, an LA based brand heading to Dubai this September. 

They got in contact with me, explaining the brand and what they are wanting to achieve here in the region. The style of American Rag is right up my street so I was privileged and happy to be selected.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Canada Goose in the Charleston weather

Charleston weather fluctuates more than anything I've known, it could be scorching hot one day with not a cloud in the sky to baltic cold below freezing.

I also do not trust the weather app on the iPhone anymore as it lies to me everyday, I now just keep all forms of clothing items in my car with me from this Canada Goose jacket to swim shorts.

No joke, this jacket is the warmest I think I've ever owned with goose feathers throughout.

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