Le Royal Mansour Marrakesh, Morocco

Wow.....Thats all I feel like writing over and over again. 

Le Royal Mansour is hands down the most amazing and stunning place I've ever had the pleasure of staying at. Every single bit of detail was crafted so elegantly and the whole vibe and ora of the place is simply breath taking.

With it being my first time in Morroco, it has left the best memories of the place in my head and I have already recommended not only Morocco but Le Royal Mansour over a 1000 times to people I have spoken to since I left.

Each one of us (Mehdi, Elias & Myself) were given our own private 3 story Riad, which is difficult to capture in a photo so the picture above is the picture of me sitting on top of my own private rooftop, looking down to try and give you an idea at the sheer size of the place. 

Of course it only made sense for me to dress up in the local attire to fit in ha, comfort level 100 and the staff in the hotel seemed to enjoy my attempt :) 

Talking of staff, this hotel's level of service was out of this world. Living in Dubai, a city where the service is constantly above average, Le Royal Mansour took it to a whole different level of excellence which very much impressed me.

A glimpse of my own private rooftop and pool above, and below the stunning main pool of the hotel.

I left Morocco at least a few pounds heavier, after eating such amazing food. 
Le Royal Mansour is home to Michelin star chefs, and we were all constantly excited until it was time for the next meal. 




These pictures is only a small snippet of the food as the most of the time I was too excited to stop and take a picture.

Overall, speaking on behalf of the three of us, (Medhi Mabrook of Etiquette Arabia, Elias El-Indari of SMFblog and myself) we had the absolute time of our lives and couldn't of asked for a better stay, a better trip and an all round experience of Le Royal Mansour and Morroco. 

Merci, Shukran & Thank you :)

Sofitel Dubai Downtown

Recently I got to spend one lucky night in the beautiful Sofitel Dubai Downtown thanks to House of Comms, and as you can see from the picture above I definitely got spoilt with the room. 

My first impressions of the room as I walked in was that it was HUGE. The room was also on the highest level on the building that houses rooms, only the bar was situated above me, which in return gave me a stunning view of Downtown Dubai.

When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted with a lemon and mint drink and welcomed by lovely staff, I was also amazed to see the ceiling of the lobby entirely covered by diamonds, as you can see below. 

After checking into the room and taking a million snapchats, I then went downstairs to grab a bite to eat.

The hotel was extremely quiet and full of staff to accommodate all your needs. There was a large selection of foods and drinks on the menu and I opted for the healthy pizza and beer option. 

After dinner I then went to check out the hotel a bit more, heading to see what the pool had to offer and check out the Above bar located just next to the pool. 

Once finished scouting around the beautiful hotel I went to the top floor to have a nice drink at the relatively new INKO bar and definitely recommend the place, it is such a nice bar with an amazing collection of unique drinks and food selection. 



Waking up to a view like this was something I could get used to. I rarely get to experience this side of town so it was nice waking up and having Burj Khalifa as your next door neighbour. 

I am a huge breakfast person and was more than excited to head downstairs and abuse the breakfast buffet. 

Wearing- Vilbrequin 

Until next time Sofitel Duabi Downtown.......

Tilal Liwa Hotel, Abu Dhabi

I just got to spend two amazing nights in Tilal Liwa Hotel in the depths of the desert...literally in the middle of nowhere, and wow what a place.
Dubai is one of those places which is great to be in, but every once and a while you need to escape, and thats exactly what Tilal Liwa Hotel offers you. The hotel is of Arabic theme, and has very nice welcoming staff to accommodate your every need.

You have the amazing pool as you can see from the above picture to relax in, then you have the option to jet off on your quad bike through the stunning desert. It's the perfect way to relax and blow off steam. 

The Room

The Food

Come on now, everyone enjoys a buffet right?

Tilal Liwa's Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner were so delicious and what I loved most was how long each meal lasted for, from 3/4 hours long, giving you plenty of time to enjoy as much as you can. 

The Pool

Quad Biking

By far the best part of the trip, was getting to ride around the desert on these quad bikes. It was my first time on one so it was great to have the chance to experience it, and since the moment I stepped off it I had the urge to do it again.

What better way than to begin your quad bike experience travelling up and down the dunes of a gorgeous desert.

A lovely activity for the hotel to offer, and from what I saw it was a big hit with the guests also other than myself.


The one downfall I had with the hotel was there were many noisy children which hindered the relaxing moments by the pool, with no one trying to prevent the loud screaming from the parents to the hotel staff, but then again I had mistakably chosen a week to stay where children have no school for Easter break. 

All in all the Tilal Liwa Hotel was amazing and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I would definitely return when I have the chance and recommend it to friends. 

Seattle, Washington. USA

Finally I got to visit I've been wanting to see for a long time. With it being one of my parents favourite cities, It was so nice to finally see it with my own eyes, and now I can see why it has been such a winner.

The city is so beautiful, the weather reminding me of home in England with it still having that amazing American patriotic feeling to it, and the cool funky art deco buildings everywhere makes it a pleasure of a city to explore. 

I got to visit the tourist favourite gum wall, wearing:

Jacket- COS

Trousers- Zara

Shoes- Yeezy

Beautiful yet disgusting ha

Inside the amazing Nike store

Me and my girlfriend also got to visit another Seattle fan favourite a quaint little cafe called Biscuit Bitch :) 
I highly recommend their amazing orange latte.

If you are in Seattle of course you have to visit the first ever Starbucks.

Thank you Seattle, I am very much looking forward to visiting you again very soon!

Home Visit to UK

Beanie- Topman
Jacket- H&M

After living in Dubai for the past few years, any time I get to throw on some layers I'm more than happy.
I wanted nothing more than grey miserable weather the time I had back in England, and with no surprise that is exactly what I got ha.

I flew from Dubai to Newcastle (Seen in pic below) where my family are from. Spent 4 days there in the north of England before heading down by train to spend the remainder of my trip in London.

This was the first time back home in about 7 months and was great to go back to the cold, great food and home comforts that everyone receives when travelling home.

Surprisingly once in London, it was rarely colder than up north and was -2 C walking the streets. 
So my first purchase had to be this blanket of a scarf lol.

Scarf- Topshop (Don't judge)

Shoes- Puma STAMPD

Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

Wow...what a weekend!

With thanks to the guys over at "The Qode" I got to experience a one nights stay including an Iftar a Suhoor, breakfast and lunch at the beautiful 5 star Waldorf Astoria located in Ras Al Khaimah. 

I got picked up by a driver at 4.00pm on Thursday afternoon, and driven down to the hotel which was about an hour and 20 mins away. 
Then got escorted to my room to then be blown away, take a look below:

As you could see the place is beautiful and all the staff and employees were very welcoming and helpful. After checking in I got ready to meet the rest of the Media team at the Suhoor tent just a 5 minute bus journey away.

The food and set up was amazing with very authentic arabic music playing throughout.

Here is me alongside fellow bloggers Mr Moudz of Mr and Elias of & Managing partner of 'The Qode' Ayman.

Breakfast the next day as you can see from above was incredible, the hotel put on a delicious buffet display that left me feeling very satisfied.

Ras Al Khaimah is such a beautiful emirate, and I'm glad I got the chance to experience it more. 
The weather was just perfect a little bit cooler than Dubai making my full day at the pool very relaxing.
Waldorf Astoria RAK is somewhere I would love to come back and visit sooner rather than later.

For more information on this hotel check out

Adagio Aparthotel

Dubai is known for it's luxury lifestyle and what you will learn quick about this fast paced city is that you will need some good rest.
Adagio Aparthotel located in Al Barsha is definitely a place designed with thought and comfort to let you kick your feet up and relax. All dotted around the apartment are unique pictures of Dubai keeping you aware of what beautiful city you are in and I really liked that about this place, the staff were also very friendly and catered to any need that I had.

The apartment came with one master bedroom and another well sized bedroom with two single beds as you can see below: 

The overall space of the apartment was very good, it came with one master bedroom one spare bedroom, a kitchen, 3 bathrooms and large living room dining area. 

I headed down to the gym and got a great workout in, with many machines to use and a large surface area. The pool was just outside the gym and although it only gets the Sun for a certain period in the day it was still very nice and relaxing.

As you can see from the picture above, the place is in a really good location, being a 2 minute drive from Burj al Arab and also a few minutes from Mall of the Emirates. 

All in all I was very pleased with Adagio and would recommend it to anyone looking for a home away from home.

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